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Do I Really Have Anything to Say?

Speaking encouragement through simplicity

So the move is complete. We’re in the new house and there are no longer boxes everywhere – except the empty ones in the driveway, which I’m sure is endearing us to our neighbors more by the minute. Last night, we actually got to sit down for a few minutes and watch TV. It was a reward for being as far into things as we were considering how long we’ve been in the house, but it was also out of necessity because I had succumbed to the “just one more box and then I’m going to bed” mantra for two previous nights and I just couldn’t do it anymore.

Thursday was the day we moved the vast majority of things out of the rental and staged them throughout the house. I had the help of two very kind souls I met at the office and they worked like crazy people. Sure, I helped, but there were times where the kids or my wife needed attention and they just kept on plugging. That independence and self-motivation is why I identified them as good folks at work so it really came as no surprise to see them exhibiting those same traits outside the office, but it sure was nice to not have to worry.

The crazy thing is that one of them volunteered out of the blue. It turns out, he took some of the things we were going to give to good will or sell on consignment. He called it good karma. I call it grace in action. The thrift store picked up their load later that day on Friday and they were thrilled with their haul. I’m just glad I could help, glad I could give some things to someone who needed them, and glad the person who took them could do so with dignity.

We’re fortunate to be in a house this great in a town so perfect for our family. Knowing not everyone can do the same, it feels good to do know that, in some small way, we’re helping others stand up straighter while we do it.


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