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Do I Really Have Anything to Say?

Speaking encouragement through simplicity

You know that moment when you’re feeling pretty good about yourself? When you’ve just finished something you think plain old rocks? When you catch yourself admiring your work?

And then you see someone else’s take at it and realize that you totally, utterly and completely suck?

Yeah, that happened to me last week.

I’ve been trying my hand at this creative writing/blogging thing for a few months now and the thing is that I thought I was doing okay overall. Sure a few posts have been not as good as the rest, but for the most part, the feedback has been pretty good and the leisure time spent has been fulfilling. Then I started reading more and more of other people’s work and I still thought I was hanging tough with the vast majority of them. And then I stumbled across a blog written by a woman who absolutely crushes me with every entry she posts.

And I mean that she crushes me in that her voice and her style and her earnestness are astonishingly authentic and I could very well be hearing my own voice saying what she writes – but she’s using better imagery and content and metaphor. And I mean that she crushes me in how my heart pangs inside my chest as I read her words because they are so impassioned and sourced from such a genuine place in hers.

I’ll tell you who it is if you promise to keep her to yourselves and not to share her with anyone else. That’s possible on this Internet thingy we have, right? Her name is Megan Sayer and her writings are here.

I hope you enjoy her as much as I do and if you don’t, well, I’ll try to write as well as she does anyway.

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